WHY Logicity?
The biggest logistics centre project in Finland

LogiCity is a logistically logical location

The most logistically attractive of the many commercial locations in the Turku region is to be built in the immediate vicinity of Turku Airport.
LogiCity will rise in an area bordered by the airport, the railway connection to Russia and on to China, the motorway into Central Finland and the E18 ring road. The ports of Turku and Naantali can be reached by road from LogiCity in about 15 minutes.

LogiCity is a concept based on logistical efficiency. An environment where all modes of transport and a supply of versatile logistics services meet to create an integral cluster. For businesses that utilise logistics, LogiCity offers an operating environment that generates genuine added value.

LogiCity is designed for all companies seeking greater process efficiency through logistics. Companies typically operating in for instance transport and value-added logistics, the distribution centre business, warehousing and wholesale operations, and logistics functions for high-tech industries.

LogiCity building permits currently cover around 400,000 square metres of floor space. Once the land use plan for the northern side of the airport has been completed, more than one million square metres of floor space will be open for construction.

LogiCity area map

Play animation of the LogiCity area

LogiCity area